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"Getting things done and finding equitable solutions are the foundation that I stand on. As a Mediator and Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar my service to the public is ongoing. I want to work for you and with you. Together, we need to create a society where Democracy is the standard not just some idea on paper , but a true way of living. The fight for Democracy for all is now! The fight for Freedom is now! The future of Texas is now! We all  need to work together to create more--because WE CAN DO MORE! I know there are a lot of issues that need addressing  and I am ready to do the work.  I see how our elected officials have neglected and overlooked a large portion of society and as your Democratic State Senator I will work with the House of Representatives to create legislation that allocates MORE money to teachers to improve our schools and make public safety and health care - a top priority. With a passion for people and a life dedicated to public service, I am committed to the causes that affect you and your life. Let's take Action! We are the people who have the power and I am asking for your vote on March 5 to send me to Austin as your next State Senator.

Supporting our teachers and public school system is my first priority. Children are the future of Texas and they need a quality education.  Kids need libraries and books! I will create policies that will re-allocate funds from the Texas Rainy Day Project for school budgets to give current educators the pay raises they deserve and provide money for special education. Texas Legislature may make appropriations for any purpose it chooses at any time, requiring a two-thirds majority for passage. I will work with community partners and mental health agencies to give teachers more support after stressful events.  Educators and kids need to feel safe at school. I will work to make sure that more money goes to help schools hire more security officers.  

Public Safety
Judicial accountability is a crucial component that needs close examination. Citizens trust our law enforcement to catch criminals and the public expects the judicial system to work. Judges that have the discretion to give out PR bonds to repeat offenders and put innocent citizens in harms way need to understand the consequences of their actions. I plan to collaborate with law enforcement agencies and social services to assist victims of crime and fight for legislative improvement to strengthen victims rights. 
 I would like to see the Biden administration and the U.S. Department of Justice come to a swift conclusion to this crisis.



Reproductive Rights

​I believe that a person’s health should always come first. I am committed to protecting and advancing reproductive health and rights.  Every woman should be able to access safe and legal abortion without having to spend money to travel out of state. I will work to protect the rights of all women now and in the future. 

Voting Rights

SB 1750 was created to hinder voters. Elected officials in a democratic society should create policies that increase civic participation rather than undermine them. I will work to educate and mobilize the voters.


The healthcare system is broken. Millions of uninsured citizens are suffering and unable to access health coverage. I support universal healthcare that reduces prescription prices, reduce out of pocket costs, and make it easier to access mental health services. Going to the doctor should be affordable.  Mental health is a problem that keeps getting shoved aside and needs to be addressed. I will work mental health advocates to accelerate more funding that will address the needs of that community.Medicaid and Medicare should be extended in Texas and no one should have to struggle get the tests and treatment they need.  I will also work with getting help to those with Fentanyl and substance abuse problems.  According to UTMB data, Harris county leads the state in Fentanyl related deaths.


Texans have growing concerns about dangerous pollutants in our air and extreme weather events. As Harris county's population grows,  District 7  faces a mounting list of issues that require attention --aging infrastructure is the biggest concern. Senate lawmakers will face numerous challenges on what to prioritize when creating the next budget. I will fight for the money needed to upgrade and expand the infrastructure and lead the way for cleaner air and water. 

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