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New Leadership Delivering Results for all Houstonians

I am a Houstonian and I care about Houston. I have lived in District 7 over 20 years. I grew up here and  I am a product of the public education system-both high school and college.  GOD BLESS EDUCATORS because I don't know where I would be without them.  In college, my political science professor encouraged our class to get "engaged" in the political process and he suggested volunteering as a class project. I took his advice and began my career as a Public servant registering my friends and peers to vote. I registered students between my classes on campus and after church services on Sunday. I worked the phone banks for a mayoral campaign, I collected yard signs and most recently I worked as  Election Night Staff loading/unloading voting machines at Rally sites around the city.  I immersed myself in the process.  Public Service isn't taught in school it is something you learn and do.  That is why I am running for State Senate

Today , I am both a  Mediator and Volunteer Deputy Voter Registrar. Working small claims within the JP courts,  I see how lives  are affected by laws that need to be eliminated or  amended.  Being a State Senator requires making informed decisions that are inclusive and equitable for all.  I know there is a greater need for better legislation. I want to help create those policies that work for you not against you.


Early on, I realized that talking with people and educating them on how their vote matters is essential to a democratic society.  I am, just like many of you, a regular working class citizen who wakes up  everyday  ready to go to work, to relax with family & friends and live my life! I want to enjoy all the freedoms and liberties that the Texas Constitution and US Constitution allows all citizens.  I will fight to  protect those freedoms as your State Senator.  I will use my skills, knowledge and experience to find equitable solutions that create policies that protect our communities and restore our Democracy.  I will do the work and make sure that your concerns and issues are addressed. I care about you- the citizens of this great state.  I am passionate about issues that affect all of us.  I am running to be your State Senator so I can continue helping you-my fellow neighbors. Your voice and your vote matters. WE CAN DO MORE!


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