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Michelle Gwinn

for Texas State Senate District 7
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March 6, 2024

Michelle Gwinn to face Paul Bettencourt in Texas Senate District 7 race this November

By Danica Lloyd | 11:52 AM Mar 6, 2024 CST

All Harris County voting centers are now reporting results from the March 5 primary elections. Michelle Gwinn won the Democratic primary for Texas Senate District 7 with 55.39% of votes against her opponent Nasir H. Malik, who earned 44.61% of votes. The county reported 21,802 ballots were cast in this race.

Visit to see results from all local elections 

January 29, 2024

Flooding In Montgomery County continues.....


Natural Disasters like the rain event that caused area flooding and collapsed bridges continues to plague Montgomery County, San Jacinto, and Polk Counties.  The rain caused dangerous conditions for residents, and some people are still trying to recover from the situation.

This is why I am running to be your next Texas State Senator for District 7. 

I would make it my mission to create legislation that would help mitigate the flooding issues that continue to plague the district and the surrounding areas. The elected officials in Austin are not paying attention to the devastation that is causing our fellow residents such havoc in their lives. In addition to property damage, flooding cuts off access to utilities, emergency services, transportation, and impacts the overall economic well-being of the area.  

November 11, 2023

Michelle Gwinn enters Texas State Senate Race to Flip District 7


It's official!  I accepted the call to serve and I submitted my paperwork and fees to the Democratic party.  I am excited to join the race. Please join me as we journey to win the seat for Texas Senate District 7.  I entered this race because of you-the people of Houston, Texas and I will fight for you and your rights to be heard!

December 16, 2023

Spring Democrats Holiday Party hosted several Candidates running for Texas seats


I had the pleasure and honor to attend the Spring Democrats holiday party which was a very delightful event. Marisela "MJ" Jimenez invited me and I got to meet several newly registered candidates whose main goal is to represent all Texans in Austin. 

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